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IMD Solicitors LLP

IMD Solicitors LLP, an international law firm, is a leader in the provision of comprehensive legal services to companies in England and Wales. The firm offers a full range of legal services to business and corporate clients from various industries, both small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations.

How do we help our clients?

IMD Solicitors LLP employs experienced attorneys and lawyers specialising, among others, in the areas of commercial law, business law, construction work, transport, bankruptcy and international law. With educational background received in the UK and other European countries, IMD Solicitors’ experts can meet the requirements of clients from the jurisdictions of England and Wales and abroad.

The offered services include:

  • Opening up a business
  • Contract drafting
  • Share sale and purchase transactions
  • Copyright protection (IP)
  • Legal disputes and arbitration
  • Technology in business
  • Construction law
  • Transport law
  • Labour law
  • Tax law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Debt collection

The idea of communicating with clients in their native languages and without legal jargon is particularly close to IMD Solicitors – their lawyers and attorneys speak a total of 11 languages – English, Polish, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Hungarian, Armenian and French.

In all important matters, we speak your language.

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