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ECDP in Poland

All-round consultancy support for business

The ECDP Group is one of Poland’s leading consulting firms, with market presence spanning a period of 12 years. It currently affiliates around a dozen companies based in Poland and 18 branches abroad, all of which provide legal, tax, and investment consultancy services for business. We address our services to both large corporations and family-owned companies from all industries.

Clients can turn to us for consultation with issues such as direct and indirect taxes, transfer prices, excise tax, and international tax planning. We provide audit and HR services as well as accounting and payroll outsourcing. We offer training in tax law and finance, labour law, and public procurements. We provide comprehensive legal consultancy specific to the client’s business profile. We help Polish entrepreneurs in expanding and doing business on foreign markets, with customer service fully available in Polish.

The ECDP Group was the first consulting firm in Poland to set up and launch affiliates abroad. Via its own offices and partner entities, it is present in locations such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ro-mania, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Malta, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Iceland, and the United Kingdom. In Poland, our main regional offices can be found in Warsaw, Katowice and Krakow.

ECDP’s work has in recent years been numerously recognised, reaching top places in prestigious rankings of reputable media, including “The Largest Tax Consultancy Companies” in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and, in Rzeczpospolita, “The Ranking of Top Tax Consulting Firms”.