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We carry out audits and analyses of financial statements as well as due diligence procedures. Building on many years of experience acquired in cooperation with the largest international auditing firms, we have developed our own methodology for auditing processes. We work in a team of experts specialised in more than ten fields. Each audit is carried out under the supervision of a certified auditor.

What do we offer?

  • auditing financial statements (for entities which are obliged to submit them)
  • reviewing financial statements (for entities without the submission obligation)
  • performing due diligence in respect of finance and accounting, e.g. for the purposes of a potential investor
  • performing the valuation of businesses, shares and stocks, in-kind contributions, trademarks
  • analysing transformation, division, and merger plans
  • drawing up business plans
  • assisting in the preparation of development strategies
  • other auditing services (analysing the correctness of use of EU funds, preparing prospectuses, etc.)

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