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Law for business

Are you running a business in Poland or several EU countries and want to enjoy full support in legal and tax matters? Affiliating law firms from Poland and a few other countries of Europe, the ECDP Group delivers a complete range of law consultancy services tailored to your business profile.

The ECDP Group offers comprehensive legal assistance adapted to the line of business of every Client. The support we provide in Poland includes the following areas:

Corporate law

  • ongoing legal consultancy in the field of provisions of the Civil Code and other regulations governing the operation of commercial companies
  • preparing documents and forms required under registration proceedings and representing the client in these proceedings
  • comprehensive support in respect of share and stock disposal transactions as well as in processes aimed to increase or decrease the share capital
  • complete management of incorporation, liquidation, merger, division, and transformation processes.

Contract law

  • preparing draft agreements concluded by the company in connection with its business activities
  • preparing offers and letters of intent, as well as representing the company in negotiations, including with the participation of foreign entities
  • ongoing legal management of concluded contracts, including with regard to their correct implementation and participation in negotiations with business partners

Labour law

  • regular consultancy in labour law matters, including, among others, providing opinions on legal issues related to staff recruitment, working time, employee remuneration and settlement of remuneration, termination of employment contracts, and the rules of allocation and granting of leave
  • preparation of draft workplace and remuneration regulations and regulations of the Company Social Benefits Fund, as well as legal consultancy on any changes made to these internal regulations and their adaptation in accordance with the employer’s needs
  • representing the company in labour law proceedings and in relations with trade unions

In 18 countries of the world, the ECDP Group offers extensive support for businesses across all areas of law. Should you have any detailed questions about our services – we will be happy to answer.

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