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Insurance guarantees in Poland and the EU

We offer a full range of services related to the management of financial risks – insurance guarantees and receivables. We minimise contract handling costs and help clients improve their credibility among business partners. We provide instruments that protect against the loss of cash deposit during the performance of a contract in the event of the counterparty's bankruptcy.

I. Guarantee services in Poland

Here are some of the more popular types of guarantees that we offer:

  • Bid (bond) guarantee – using this type of guarantee allows an entity to retain its financial liquidity without risking an additional freezing of funds, usually for a period of three months. With this guarantee, the entity can submit bids in various tender proceedings, therefore enhancing its chances of winning new contracts.
  • Performance bond – protects the beneficiary’s interest from problems with the proper completion of a contract. It does not engage the contractor’s financial resources, and therefore has a positive impact on its financial situation, allowing it to pursue new contracts.
  • Fault and defect removal guarantee – the basic way of ensuring that faults and defects will be properly removed is by way of a cash deposit. Usually, these funds will remain frozen for a period of five years. This form of security is replaced by an insurance guarantee which allows the funds to be released – they can then be used by the applicant for other purposes.

For whom?

Our service portfolio is addressed both to sole-trading individuals and to entities operating under other legal forms. We are present all over Poland and have something to offer also to those Polish companies which run their business outside our country.

What do we offer?

  • assistance in obtaining a security for a contract without the need to engage your own financial resources
  • cash recovery – the possibility of unlocking financial securities established on previous contracts
  • comprehensive consultancy and support in the drafting of documentation and selection of an insurance company which will grant the guarantee

II. Insurance guarantees globally

The ECDP Group has partnered with Euler Hermes and Uniqa, Europe’s largest insurance companies which provide insurance guarantees to foreign beneficiaries in accordance with the laws in force in their home countries. We help companies obtain guarantees in 18 European countries as well as in the USA, Southern America, and Asia.

How does it work?

Insurance guarantees for enterprises are granted pursuant to the laws of a given state, with the associated risk accepted by a local branch of the insurer in the country from which the enterprise originates.


Let’s say a Polish businessman runs a construction company in the Czech Republic. He wants to submit a tender in a public procurement procedure for the construction of a hospital, but to do that he must be a holder of an policy issued by a local insurer. This is where the ECDP Group steps in – as a partner of a Czech branch of Euler Hermes or Uniqa, we arrange for the policy, and reinsurance is accepted by the Polish branch of the insurer, i.e. the business owner’s country of origin.

For whom?

An insurance guarantee subject to the laws of a given country can be obtained by a Polish enterprise which is active on foreign markets and yields an annual turnover in excess of PLN 40 million.

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