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We are one of Poland's leading consulting firms, with market presence spanning a period of 14 years. We currently affiliate around a dozen companies based in Poland and 18 branches abroad, all of which provide legal and tax consultancy as well as investment support for business. We address our services to both large corporations and family-owned companies from all industries, and are present in locations such as Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Malta, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Iceland, and the United Kingdom. In Poland, our main regional offices can be found in Warsaw, Katowice and Krakow.

" The ECDP Group was the first consulting firm in Poland to set up and launch affiliates abroad. "


Łukasz Mazur

Co-founder, Partner of the ECDP Group


Co-founder of the ECDP Group responsible for business development in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, UK, Romania and Cyprus. He manages partner companies and investment projects of the Group. Supports companies’ activities with regard to the devising and implementation of tax restructuring programmes and the planning of foreign expansion. Over the past 20 years, he has dealt with legal and tax consultancy for entrepreneurs. Entered in the list of tax advisors in Poland and Romania and foreign service providers in Germany.

Meet the team

The experts, to whom we entrust our clients’ matters, are selected very rigorously. Of course, we value diplomas from renowned universities, international licenses and extensive qualifications, but what’s especially important to us are their values and beliefs – courage, honesty, a sense of responsibility, cooperativeness, openness, perseverance, respect, and willingness to develop oneself and to support others in their development.


It is extremely important for us to focus on the effects of and pace with which we adapt our work to the ever-changing and often chaotic business realities, while accepting that since the company and business are created by people, we don’t want to lose sight of their psychological needs. That’s why among our experts you will find trainers, coaches, advisors, and specialists who adhere to the “soft on humans, hard on the matters you deal with” principle.


Working with most of these experts on a permanent basis, we support them in their individual development. We want them to be happy people, able to strike a balance between work and life and actively engaging in what our company does, that is encouraging an all-round development of our clients.

"The company is the people and their values"