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Branislav Gvozdiak

Branislav Gvoždiak

Partner of the ECDP Group

Partner of the ECDP Group

Legal counsel from Slovakia, manages branches in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Cyprus. Branislav advises key clients of the Group on these markets.

A graduate of law in Bratislava in 2007. He is fluent in Slovak, Czech, Polish, English and Spanish. Branislav has been associated with the ECDP Group since 2009, and has developed several foreign branches over the years – starting with the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He specializes in international tax planning, corporate issuess, including advising of listed companies and M&A transactions. He also has extensive experience related to equity investments (private equity) in various global jurisdictions.

Author of press publications on tax and corporate law, speaker at numerous conferences, trainings and workshops in Poland and abroad.

Privately, a fan of hockey, cars and adrenaline in general. A loving husband and father of the only daughters.