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Tax consultancy

The ECDP Group offers a complete range of tax consultancy services. We will help you with all things associated with direct and indirect taxes, including excise tax, matters related to transfer prices and special economic zones, as well as other issues. We perform tax audits and provide consultancy across the entire range of real property tax. We help our clients optimise their fiscal obligations, both those related to day-to-day operations and those arising from the transactions they make. We represent clients in proceedings held before tax authorities and administrative courts. Last but not least, we are by the client’s side during tax inspections, assisting them in the deployment of security-focused solutions.

We offer a full range of tax consultancy services for individual and corporate clients. This is what we specialise in:

  • direct and indirect taxes (excise tax, VAT)
  • tax audits
  • transfer pricing
  • tax proceedings

Our services focus on the following areas:

  • continuous tax supervision (a monthly flat rate)
  • expert opinions and reviews, advice and consultations
  • performing a tax analysis of contracts and planned economic events
  • reviewing the validity of client’s claims with regard to selected or all tax titles
  • compiling tax documentation for transfer prices, preparing analyses of comparative (benchmarking) data
  • representing and assisting clients in proceedings held before tax authorities and administrative courts

We will also help you with:

  • the processing of international settlements
  • the processing of chain transactions
  • VAT-REF refunds – support in recovering VAT in Poland for foreign entities
  • preparation of excise tax procedures, records, and other excise-related documents

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