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Tax proceedings

The team of professionals at ECDDP Sp. z o.o., specialised in tax proceedings, is there to help you with matters such as:
• tax audits, inspection activities,
• tax proceedings, tax and customs proceedings,
• proceedings to establish eligibility for tax overpayment or refund,
• court and administrative proceedings in tax cases.
You can be sure of professional and friendly support at every stage of a tax case. We can act as your representatives or simply be there for you for consultations on the go.

What do we offer?  

  • Management of tax proceedings – acting as your representatives, our tax advisors will guide your company through all stages of any dispute with tax authorities (tax inspection, tax proceedings, proceedings before administrative courts). The management services may cover both tax rate assessment proceedings as well as those aimed at establishing a tax overpayment or refund
  • Individual interpretations – the possibility of obtaining an individual interpretation is one of the few norms of tax law designed to truly protect the taxpayer’s interests. Our services in this respect involve the supervision of proceedings on individual interpretations, in all instances, starting from the drafting of an application up to the final decision of the authority concerned
  • The drafting of pleadings – you can also order from us a legal pleading to be drafted for the purposes of a tax case, which you can submit by yourself to the relevant body
  • Continuous supervision of tax proceedings – as part of this service, ECDP, for a flat-rate monthly fee, will take care of all tax proceedings initiated ex officio with respect to the client
  • Training courses in tax procedures – a service as part of which we conduct a training course at the client’s office, devoted to the regulations which govern tax audits and tax proceedings, with particular regard to the rights and obligations of audited entities, process dates, and the measures of appeal, if any. The service also includes practice-oriented workshops on how to prepare requests for the issuance of official interpretations and how to appeal against unfavourable interpretations