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Direct taxes

Our direct tax team consists of highly qualified experts who specialise in all things related to personal and corporate income tax. We provide support clients from every industry, providing top-quality assistance to both public entities and the private sector. We continuously monitor the regulations in force as well as analyse court rulings and individual interpretations issued by tax authorities. This allows us to promptly respond to any changes and put forward new solutions that are as effective as possible.

What do we offer?

Ongoing consultancy in the application of regulations:

  • consultations by phone
  • regular meetings at the client’s premises’
  • replies by e-mail

Drafting opinions and analyses on the current and planned business activities:

  • analyses and written opinions signed by a tax advisor
  • settlement assistance
  • assessing eligibility for inclusion in sources of revenue
  • verifying the classification of expenditures as tax-deductible expenses
  • assisting in the preparation of tax returns and declarations
  • indicating the right moment for the recognition of revenues and tax costs
  • providing consultancy on taxpayer’s duties in respect of personal income tax
  • analysing tax reliefs and deductions used by the taxpayer
  • assisting in the correct settlement of withholding tax

Comprehensive tax reviews designed to identify and eliminate tax risks:

  • verifying the correctness of tax settlements
  • assessing the validity of applying income tax exemptions
  • a tax review concluded with a detailed report indicating risk areas and offering precise guidance on how to correct any deficiencies found

A tax-oriented analysis of mergers, takeovers, capital restructuring, and liquidation of economic entities

Tax planning:

  • a planning process devised in such a way as to reduce tax burdens, with international structures included
  • consultancy on capital investments
  • an analysis of the legal and tax effects of the purchase/sale of securities and derivative financial instruments

Planning tax settlements for foreigners:

  • indicating obligations related to the settlement of income tax following the receipt of income in the territory of Poland
  • analysing the provisions of relevant agreements on the avoidance of double taxation

Practice-oriented industrial training

As part of this service, we can deliver the following: