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Soft-skill, hard-skill and EU-funded training

We have a 15-year record of support provided to our clients in the form of training, conferences, skill workshops, consulting and implementation projects, as well as team, group and individual coaching sessions. In our work, we utilise a variety of methods and techniques, flexibly adapting our way of thinking, evoking changes, and teaching both soft (managerial, sales, and interpersonal competences) and hard skills (tax and legal consultancy).

Given the fact that the ECDP Group is an umbrella brand which provides highly acclaimed consulting services for business in over ten countries, across several dozen industries, it was only natural for us to have developed yet another, extremely diligent approach to customer support. We train, educate, teach, and inspire reflection.

What do we offer?

  • training courses
  • conferences
  • skill-development workshops
  • consulting and implementation projects
  • team and individual coaching sessions

Our range of services also includes EU-funded training (see: the Development Service Database).

The experts, to whom we entrust some of the most important matters of our clients, are selected by us very rigorously. Of course, we value diplomas from renowned universities, international licenses and extensive qualifications, but what’s especially important to us are the values held by these influential people. This is because they are the ones who will be chiefly responsible for deciding the direction of the project’s development in your company. The values which we consider the most important are courage, honesty, a sense of responsibility, cooperativeness, openness, perseverance, respect, and willingness to develop oneself and to support others in their development.

It is extremely important for us to focus on the effects of and pace with which we adapt our work to the ever-changing and often chaotic business realities, while accepting that since the company and business are created by people, we don’t want to lose sight of their psychological needs. That’s why among our experts you will find trainers, coaches, advisors, and specialists who adhere to the “soft on humans, hard on the matters you deal with” principle.

Working with most of these experts on a permanent basis, we support them in their individual development. We want them to be happy people, able to strike a balance between work and life, and actively engaging in what our company does, that is encouraging an all-round development of our customers.

What sets us apart is our working method.

Our classes utilise the group coaching method with elements of business psychodrama. What also makes us special is the fact that we incorporate the latest IT solutions to shape new soft-skill habits in the students. Accordingly, we often use video cameras, make digital videos with the participation of actors or provide content in the form of animated films based on the Adobe Animate technology. In order to strengthen the acquisition of new skills, our trainees can also use a gamified application for mobile devices both in and outside the training room.

During the classes, participants have the opportunity to thoroughly train their new skills in secure conditions. As its main element, the workshops feature various types of exercises and trainings, because we believe that new skills are learned most effectively if tested in real-life scenarios, also emotionally difficult, similar to those experienced every day at work.

We also employ traditional training methods such as mini-lectures, mini-presentations, custom games and activities, discussions, and experience exchange.

Dear Customer, if you seek comprehensive support for your business and want to see for yourself whether what I have written here is true, just call or write, and I will be happy to meet and talk to you.

Michalina Prasiłowska
Managing Director for Training

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