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Coaches who cooperate with the ECDP Group specialise in a wide array of coach-based training, including group, team, business, individual, interventional, tool, agile, life-focused, and brain-friendly coaching. What's particularly important, they observe the code of ethics of the ICF International Coach Federation and are accredited by this largest global organisation representing the community of professional coaches. Established in 1995, the ICF now affiliates over 25,000 members from 100 countries.

In Poland, it is the largest and most recognisable coach organisation. As an association, the ICF focuses on developing the coaching profession by building a forum for the exchange of experience, defining and enforcing competence and ethical standards, and providing a structure of obligatory and renewable accreditations for coaches and coaching schools. The coaches who work with the ECDP Group have also other, extensive life and professional experiences, confirmed by international certificates.


Over the last few years, the coaching profession has become very popular, and now it is enjoying success mainly thanks to motivational speakers. But even though the term itself is so prevalent, very few people understand what it REALLY means.

Ever since this “phenomenon” entered our vocabularies, many schools have been established to offer coaching-based training. Unfortunately, they often don’t have any standards in place or do not comply with the ICF Code of Ethics.

Due to coaching (often in corporate settings) being used for purposes contrary to how it is usually defined and with many people on the market calling themselves ‘coaches’ even though they have no practical grounds to do so, the actual meaning of the term tends to be misinterpreted and misconceived.

Therefore, in our view and in line with the ICF’s definition, ‘coaching’ entails a type of partnership with the client which brings about a substantial change to their way of thinking and encourages them to act with greater motivation and ease in order for them to achieve exceptional results in their professional and private life.

When starting your coaching adventure, you should consult the ICF’s definition and then experience coaching in person with a competent, certified expert in order to make sure that you chose the exact direction of development that you wanted.


The coach is present and flexible, and during the coaching process he “follows” the client, i.e. he:

  • uses his intuition and trusts his inner wisdom,
  • has the courage to admit that he doesn’t know all the answers and is ready to take risk,
  • knows that there are many ways to work with the client and can pick the most effective whenever required,
  • makes a good use of humour to create the right mood and energy,
  • does not hesitate to switch perspectives and likes to test out new opportunities opening up in his work,
  • is confident when encountering strong emotions during work and can skilfully guide himself in order to avoid being overwhelmed or entangled in the client’s emotions.


Business coaching is a type of coaching which aids organisations in their development. It supports entrepreneurs in their work on company goals and values. By implementing proven coaching tools in organisations , we help enterprises achieve the effect of excellent management of both time and resources at a modest cost. Business coaching can be provided to individuals or groups.


Team coaching occurs when a coach works together with a group in corporate settings. It constitutes an excellent HR tool which can significantly affect employees’ approach to their duties, motivation, and satisfaction from the relations with their employer. Team coaching gives your employees new opportunities for growth, which undoubtedly brings about a boost to your overall business. The group coaching method allows you to work on areas such as:

  • team building,
  • communication in a team and organisation,
  • team conflicts,
  • devising procedures, standards, and rules governing the work of an organisation or team,
  • creative thinking and development of new solutions,
  • defining values and specifying operating rules for a team or organisation.

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