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Soft skill trainings

ECDP’s distinguishing feature on the market

Our classes utilise the group coaching method with elements of business psychodrama. What also makes us special is the fact that we incorporate the latest IT solutions to shape new soft-skill habits in the students. That’s why we often use video cameras, make digital videos for our clients with the participation of actors, or prepare content in the form of animated films in the Adobe Animate technology. In order to strengthen the acquisition of new skills, our trainees can also use a gamified application for mobile devices both in and outside the training room.

During the classes, participants have the opportunity to thoroughly train their new skills in secure conditions. As its main element, the workshops feature various types of exercises and trainings, because we believe that new skills are learned most effectively if tested in real-life scenarios, also emotionally difficult, similar to those experienced every day at work.

We also employ traditional training methods such as mini-lectures, mini-presentations, custom games and activities, discussions, and experience exchange.

About the results

The participants in our training sessions are invited to embark on an adventure which will boost their commitment and will to act both in the training room and after they return to work. We believe that the key to changing beliefs is experience, decentration being one of its strongest forms. In this context, we understand decentration as, among other things, letting the participants see what the world looks like from their client’s point of view. This allows them to establish what the client’s needs are and how to respond to them. On the other hand, the participant also has the opportunity to observe his own behavioural tendencies and, most importantly, to test in secure conditions new desirable behaviours which, with the support of a trainer or coach, will form the basis for shaping new habitual responses to difficult situations.

To illustrate our idea of how to experience true emotions and acquire new skills through adventure, we will ask you to play the role of participant and follow these steps:

  • activate your inner mechanisms of a specific experience – sit back, relax and let the image and sound take you into a different reality. Immerse yourself in the pleasures of travelling in time and space – enter the world of film and/or animation. We will take you to a place other than the training room. See for yourself, get inspired, use your imagination. Let yourself be surprised with a plot twist. Play a role within your professional settings or in a completely new story outside your workplace, so that you can experience emotions, be provoked, experiment;
  • activate your inner mechanisms of reflective observation – get to know yourself. Answer questions such as: What archetype is the dominant one in you? When and how do you explain the motives of other people’s behaviour? Which generalisations do you use in your perception? What are your tendencies for habitual behaviour when encountering a conflict of interest? What values do you follow in this particular situation? Get to know yourself – what serves you and what should be changed, replaced or developed in your being. Identify your strengths and talents and juxtapose them with your main areas of learning and development;
  • activate your inner mechanisms of abstract generalisation – get to know yourself. Think about how you would like to react if it was possible. What are your ideas and solutions, new points of view? What model behaviour to apply in this particular professional or fictitious situation;
  • activate your inner mechanisms of active experimentation – get to know yourself. Do it now, see if this new behaviour “suits you”. Play your role as part of training. Use the support of a trainer or coach. Start developing a new response habit in a safe environment;
  • activate your inner mechanisms of shaping a new habit after the training – get to know yourself. Check if you’re able to learn through play. Use your smartphone or laptop with a gamified application. Feed yourself “knowledge pills” and “infographics” regularly, even daily, and perform inspiring, interesting tasks in original scenarios. Create a development plan and establish a time frame. Foster self-discipline and responsibility. Ask questions, reflect, challenge, confront, support and compete, achieve goals, develop – get to know yourself!

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