Special Economic Zones | ECDP Group

Special Economic Zones

We specialise in all matters associated with the running of a business within a special economic zone.

Building on many years of experience acquired from cooperation with the largest SEZ companies, we can provide complete support to our clients, with a special focus on the following areas:

  • the use of public aid measures and eligible income tax exemptions, including the optimisation of tax settlements for the purpose of making a full use of exemption
  • verifying the correctness of classifying the incurred investment expenditures as expenditures eligible for public aid
  • classifying the respective revenue types as eligible for exemption or tax
  • classifying and breaking down tax deductible expenses from business operations conducted in and outside SEZs
  • calculating income from exempted and taxable operations
  • the correct application of regulations on transfer pricing for the purpose of calculating exempted and taxable income in cases where the operations are simultaneously conducted in outside the special economic zone
  • representing SEZ-based businesses before tax administration authorities and administrative courts during tax proceedings and tax and treasury audits