Accounting | ECDP Group


In our daily work we employ modern technological solutions which guarantee that our clients’ involvement in their accounting processes will be reduced to a minimum.

The accounting services include, among others:

  • maintaining complete account books in accordance with national regulations and the International Accounting Standards
  • maintaining revenue and expense ledgers
  • processing settlements with tax authorities and ZUS (Social Insurance Institution – in Poland)
  • submitting reports to GUS (Statistics Poland), NBP (National Bank of Poland), and the Customs Office,
    preparing financial statements (in Poland and similarily – in other EU countries)
  • drawing up budgets and reporting in accordance with the client’s requirements

We support the setting up and work of accounting teams. On request, we will perform our services at your office, in line with the standards in place at your company and with the use of its software. The accounting assistance we provide is available on both a regular and one-off basis.

Furthermore, we help clients select and implement financial and accounting systems and develop accounting policies, as well as advise them on how to design and update document flow instructions, inventory instructions and corporate account plans.