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Excise tax

We are perfectly aware of how complex the excise tax regulations can be. We also know how important it is to have access to professional consultancy when it comes to this particular tax. Thanks to our knowledge, based on many years of experience in the field of excise tax, we are able to come up with the most advantageous solutions for the excise tax sector. Our highly-qualified professionals well know their way around both Polish and EU legislation. We will assist you in starting up any business subject to the excise tax regime and then be at your disposal during its day-to-day operations. We put our solutions into practice effectively.
We provide guidance to clients from the power, tobacco, and alcoholic beverage industries, as well specialise in fuel surcharge.

The complexity of issues related to excise tax makes it necessary to set up and implement internal operating procedures in respect of this particular tax. Our experts will help you develop a clear, internal system for the settlement of excise tax within your organisation.

What do we offer?

Ongoing consultancy with regard to the application of national and EU excise tax regulations:

  • consultations by phone
  • regular meetings at the client’s premises
  • replies by e-mail

Drawing up opinions and tax analyses:

  • analyses and written opinions signed by a tax advisor

Assistance in the processing of excise tax:

  • support in preparing tax returns along with appendices
  • support in determining the correct rate of excise tax

Assistance in fulfilling all excise tax requirements:

  • assistance in acquiring the status of an excise taxpayer
  • consultancy in expanding the scope of excise tax operations
  • assistance in the procedure of establishing a tax warehouse
  • providing the client with guidance during the completion of documents necessary to obtain all excise permits
  • implementing excise tax solutions at the start-up stage of an excise tax business
  • regular supervision of whether the holder of an excise tax permit fulfils all its obligations arising from such a permit
  • preparing or verifying applications and requests to be filed with tax authorities (e.g. a request for a permit to engage in specific excise tax activities, documents necessary to obtain an excise tax security, etc.)
  • representing the client before tax authorities for the purpose of obtaining the status of excise tax payer or receiving a relevant excise tax permit
  • assistance in applying for licenses or permits provided for in separate regulations, e.g. the licences required under the energy law (in cooperation with a law firm)

Optimisation of business operations based on excise tax exemptions:

  • searching out for the most beneficial tax solutions and preferences
  • performing a thorough analysis of the company’s situation with a view to identifying opportunities for applying tax exemptions

Drafting documentation required for the purposes of excise tax:

  • assistance in the preparation of excise record templates, statements and model declarations
  • identifying rules applicable in the drafting of excise tax documentation
  • providing guidance on how to complete records, statements, and declarations

Preparing instructions and procedures on how to proceed with regard to excise tax:

  • verifying the processes already in place
  • creating correct operating models (templates)

A tax analysis of contracts concluded by the client:

  • offering suggestions on the inclusion of more beneficial provisions in the contracts
  • minimising any adverse tax effects that might result from the concluded contracts
  • drafting new contract templates

And also:

Support or representation before tax and customs-tax authorities, and during proceedings before administrative courts


Practice-oriented industrial training