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Registration as an excise payer or assistance in obtaining excise permits

A service in which we analyse the client’s needs and identify any obligations to which they may be subject with respect to excise tax.

Depending on the scope of your order, the service may include:

•    drafting a legal opinion on the method of registration as an excise payer or the requirements to meet in order to obtain an excise permit, along with the indication of the requirements associated with running a given type of business

•    creating document templates (records, declarations, reports, statements, internal procedures, etc.) which are necessary in a given type of business

•    preparing or verifying applications and requests to be filed with tax authorities (e.g. a request for a permit to engage in specific excise tax activities, documents necessary to obtain an excise tax security, etc.)

•    representing the Client before tax authorities for the purpose of obtaining the status of excise taxpayer or receiving a relevant excise tax permit

•    through cooperation with a law firm, we can help you obtain licenses or permits provided for in separate regulations, e.g. the licences required under the energy law

The benefits brought about by the services:

•    an analysis of the Client’s needs and expectations for the purpose of verifying whether the proposed project is viable on the grounds of the Excise Tax Act

•    the business owner receives detailed information on the obligations he or she must meet

•    the client receives expertly prepared documents that are necessary to carry out or continue a given type of business subject to excise tax

•    the option to be represented before a tax authority allows the client to save time which they would have otherwise spent appearing in person before said authority