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Avoidance of double taxation

International tax law lays down rules on the limitation or avoidance of double taxation. The provisions of international tax law are applicable mainly to personal and property tax. Double taxation agreements serve as instruments of both international and national tax laws.

With extensive knowledge of international tax law, we can respond to the needs of domestic and foreign companies wishing to effectively grow their businesses on international markets. Our experts stand out from others by having vast knowledge of the provisions of double taxation agreements and international conventions. We implement companies’ expansion plans on a global scale.

What do we offer?

•    assessing the grounds for operating a business in Poland in the form of an establishment

•    indicating the optimal taxation model for the profits of an establishment based in Poland

•    providing a detailed specification of the obligations associated with the running of an establishment

•    evaluating the validity of recognising a foreign entity as a fixed establishment

•    indicating the possible risk and consequences for a client who has erroneously failed to identify a fixed business establishment in the territory of Poland or has started a business in the form of an establishment

•    helping the client achieve a full effect when running business operations in a foreign tax regime (via branches or subsidiaries)

•    helping the client identify and select the most viable method for the avoidance of double taxation

•    explaining the causes of double taxation

•    clarifying to the client the rules applicable in the determination of tax claims (the principles of residence, territoriality, citizenship)

•    assistance in the settlement of revenues generated in various countries

•    launching and managing the mutual agreement procedure as an effective way to avoid double taxation

•    providing ongoing consultancy with regard to the application of national and international tax regulations

•    international tax planning

•    consultancy on the most beneficial methods of disbursement of dividends, interest and license fees

•    drawing up opinions and tax analyses

•    training courses in the field of international tax regulations

•    assistance in the settlement of withholding tax

•    practice-oriented industrial training courses