Continuous tax supervision | ECDP Group

Continuous tax supervision

A service in which specially designated ECDP experts are at the client's disposal at all times. Wishing to address any concerns you might have, we are at your service, offering help in the form of phone consultations, e-mail correspondence, analyses, and written opinions. Our tax opinions receive a tax advisor's signature.

Cooperation between ECDP and the client covers a broad range of services, most notably:

  • drawing up opinions on tax law issues as requested by the client
  • reviewing contracts concluded by the client as part of their business operations with regard to the tax effects they might produce
  • analysing the tax-related aspect of projects undertaken by the client or with the client’s participation
  • offering phone consultations on tax law
  • drawing up requests for the issuance of individual interpretations on tax law and drafts of other pleadings

The continuous supervision service also provides the possibility of consultations held at the client’s office.

Continuous tax supervision covers, among other things, consultancy on corporate income tax, personal income tax, goods and services tax, excise tax, tax on civil law transactions, and real property tax.