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ECDP TAX Wroclaw

We offer legal, tax and audit consultancy services in Lower Silesian Voivodeship. Our offer is also complemented by a wide range of additional services, including accounting outsourcing and investment consulting.

How do we help?

Our services include:

  • TAX CONSULTANCY / Comprehensive support with direct taxes (CIT, PIT) and indirect taxes (VAT, excise tax). Audits and tax supervision. A transfer pricing policy
  • AUDITS / Audits, analyses of financial statements and due diligence procedures. Own methodology for auditing processes
  • TAX PLANNING – OPTIMISED SOLUTIONS IN POLAND AND IN THE WORLD / Planning of tax structures in such a way as to deliver maximum benefit to the client, both in Poland and abroad, support in increasing investment efficiency
  • LAW FOR BUSINESS / Comprehensive legal advice for for entrepreneurs in the EU (among others commercial law and company law)
  • FINANCE AND INVESTMENTS / Wealth management services, family foundations and an attractive investment vehicles (Malta funds)
  • ACCOUNTING, HR AND PAYROLL / Comprehensive accounting, HR and payroll outsourcing in Poland and Europe
  • FOREIGN EXPANSION / Support of Polish companies entering foreign markets (analysis, legal and tax issues)
  • BUSINESS ABROAD / Comprehensive support of activity – from registration, through maintenance of accounting records and rental of offices and addresses, to day-to-day tax & legal services
  • INSURANCE GUARANTEES IN POLAND AND THE EU / The management of financial risks – insurance guarantees and receivables. Insurance guarantees to foreign beneficiaries in accordance with the laws in force in their home countries
  • PREPARATION OF COMPANIES TO GDPR / A comprehensive package for the implementation of the GDPR regulations and audits on the correctness of the application of EU law on the protection of personal data
  • SOFT-SKILL, HARD-SKILL AND EU-FUNDED TRAINING / Hard-skill trainings (tax and legal consultancy) and soft-skill trainings (a.o. skill-development workshops, team coaching sessions, implementation projects)

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