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Virtual offices

Virtual offices is yet another way to help our clients streamline their operations. In this innovative solution, you outsource professional office services to an external company, and can therefore avoid the need to have an actual, physical address for your business activities. Not only can you use the address of our office to register your business, but can also quote this address when dealing with official bodies and authorities, as well as in business contacts.

ECDP can also run a secretary’s office for you, taking care of all things office and administration. It will handle all secretarial tasks to relieve you from those minor issues that might come up every now and then when running a business. The job of our team will be to receive and archive all mail and documentation, as well as to respond to phone calls, faxes and other correspondence.

You can also use our office space. We will rent you our conference rooms and arrange and manage all your business meetings. This service also includes access to any office equipment available on site.