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Polkadot & Ellis

Polkadot & Ellis is a business partner of the ECDP Group.

Polkadot & Ellis specialises in the provision of accounting services for both large and small businesses operating in the UK. The company offers thorough assistance – from the establishment of companies to the processing of quarterly VAT calculations, as well as annual financial settlements for LTD companies, professional and private partnerships and sole traders.

About Polkadot & Ellis:

One of the pillars of what we do is the so-called financial outsourcing. We provide comprehensive outsourcing services. A member of our team acts as a company accountant performing duties related to cooperation with a bank or financial planning, and can even participate in negotiations with investors.

We prepare financial reports for parent companies as well as for the stock exchange.

Thanks to our highly-qualified staff and many years of experience, we help both newly established companies and businesses that have been on the market for some time. If necessary, we provide administrative services such as:

  • issuing sales invoices
  • managing the company’s funds
  • preparing payrolls.

We help Polish companies which are just intending to launch a business in the UK, but also address our services to those who are already present on the British market and need professional financial advice.

Choosing the right legal form for your new business is a decision of key importance. That’s why we would like to invite you to 30 minutes of consultations and advice completely free of charge, over a cup of good coffee. Whether you are seeking to launch a large company or set up a sole trader business – we are here to help you.